It has been a long, long trip.


I moved from Viterbo to Como and I did it by car. It has been a solo-trip, around 600km (380 miles) in 9 hours.
Imp has a sleepy face as we woke up early to do che most of the road without the heat of the sun.Never did something like that before, I thought I never could. To be honest it has been easy! I love my little old car, so comfy and safe even though doesn’t run fast.
It has been a long journey. I left early in the morning, feeling excited and in the meantime scared. Maybe not about the road, but mostly about the big changes that were waiting for me. Kissing goodbye to my (ex)lover, to wonderful places and people I met during all these years made me pretty sad. Imp lied by my side not knowing exactly what we were about to do. I had so many hours to breathe and panic and sing and panic and breath and sing… and sweat! Italian highways can become so hot during summer! When I saw the Alps I couldn’t help but smiling and feeling home, finally.

I did it! Now I’m feeling like I could go anywhere, reach any place by car. I’ll probably do that!

As I arrived to my new home the true journey begun. Starting my new life from zero, setting up all the things I need, making new friends… it’s not the first time I do that so I’m not scared. A little concerned, maybe. I just need a little time to go back to the true me.

As for Imp: luckily she has a big “sister” here, and a kind of “grandparents”, so she’s not feeling alone or traumatized at all.

A nice stop at the Autogrill, having a light lunch and resting in a cool place before going back to the hot, sunny highway.

Tips for a long car-trip with your dog:

Be certain that your dog feels completely relaxed while you’re driving. Imp slept for most of the time or stayed quiet in her place. After some hours of being closed in a car a dog can become a little anxious, might starts whining or barking and that could make the trip awful. So be sure to have fully car-trained your pooch!

Plan frequent stops. I did one each two hours, for at least 15 minutes. That’s because you both needs a break to move a little your legs, take a coffee, pee…

Stick to the car’s rule you set. Don’t change (if possible) its usual place, carrier, anything else and don’t do anything too different from a normal ride. That will help your dog to feel calm and confident.

Think about your companion’s safety. I did’n had the time to arrange a good and safe carrying spot for Imp, as you can see from the photo, so I know I mad an hazardous trip.

Remember the water. Offer a drink each time you do a break. Maybe your dog will not drink, but that’s a must.

Don’t feed your dog, or feed it just a little bit, right before or during the trip. An empty stomach is a good way to avoid car sickness.

Well, I hope you’ve liked this post. See you soon, friends!