How my life is changing

Hello my friends! I’m so sorry for not posting in a long time. My life has taken crazy unexpected turns recently.
Things went up and down so fast I couldn’t focus on anything else. So I stopped for some days to think about my life and my future. I found out that I truly love this website and Instagram and I don’t want to neglect them anymore. Regarding my real life… I’m about to make some big changes there.

I’m gonna move back to Como in a month, changing my work and my lifestyle. I made this big decision for what I think it’s the best, although a part of my heart is breaking leaving Viterbo. I’m pretty sure I’ll miss the nature, the landscapes and the peace. People in Como are so apprehensive, I don’t know if I’ll manage to cope with that again. Fingers and paws crossed!
I’m not gonna travel for a while, don’t know even if I’ll have time to explore and show you the area as much as I did before on Instagram. (I’ll keep on exercise daily with Imp, that’s obvious. I don’t want us to become lazy or unruly!) On the other hand I think I’ll have more time to write articles for the blog. I truly hope so because I don’t like to see this place kinda abandoned.

One nice news: I’m gonna become a qualified dog trainer! I’ll start a course as soon as I can once I’ll settle. This is a thing that I’ve longed for so many years, I finally decided to make this dream come true! I love working with dogs and I know I’ve made a good job so far.
Can’t wait to take the certificate and start working with other people and dogs!

That’s all for now. I’m sending you my best wishes. Imp is wagging to you all!

The shadow of the day

Evening is our favorite time to go out and exercise. The sun getting down creates a magical atmosphere.