About traveling with a dog

Each dog should travel with its pack.

Join a pack and then walk together to do things and reach places is in dog’s nature. So, when you leave for a journey it’s perfectly natural for your canine companion to come with you.
Obviously it’s not that easy to pick up a pooch who has never been outside its neighborhood and all of a sudden expect that could be perfect on a long trip. It’s not easy because many many times we, as “dog lovers”, tend to ruin our dog’s instinctual behavior by misunderstanding their needs and humanizing them, especially when we talk about little breeds.

There’s no best holiday than the one shared with your dog. 

A little dog looking at a girl.

We’re meant to move, to explore and to uncover. Dogs are meant to do the same things. We both are social species and our paths have been intertwined for thousand years.
I think that no one could share my adventures better than a dog, following me everywhere and adjusting with me to any situation.

I have been traveling through Italy with my dogs for more than ten years.
In the beginning, I had no clue of what I was supposed to do or how I could have a pleasant journey. Many times I left my first dog home with people who were “outside” her pack and not dog-experts. Each time she reacted with confusion, disorientation and depression. That used to made me feel so sad that I started to do research, testing new exercises and strategies and I finally figured out my own educational method.

Never leave them home.

Sometimes traveling can be so romantic! Here's the first rays of sun lighting up a little dog travels.

When Imp came into my life, I made a promise to the both of us: “I would never leave her behind”.
She was two months old when I adopted her and brought her home. Since the first day I realized she was afraid of so many things and had some other issues. Just think that she used to vomit each time she got into a car, even with the engine off (and did that for the whole first year!).
So… not exactly the best promising puppy, but I didn’t want to “return” her (as they told me she had already been refused by two other families). I immediately started working with her, not with training but building up a relationship based on mutual trust and respect (which means sharing a true love!).

I worked with her every day with patience. It took quite a long time but now, as you can see, we enjoy sharing our lives and traveling around and I feel that we have a pure, beautiful bond.

Though we’re not perfect yet (and maybe never will), I keep on working because I know this is the best way to love my dog.

Traveling with a small dog