And we’re leaving again! [Just chatting]

In two days we’re gonna leave again. We’re going back to Como and this time we’ll stay there a little longer. I’m crossing my fingers for a nice weather!

I’ll have some work to do up there. First of all I’m gonna fill in this blog with some more informations and sections. My head is full of things that I want write down but my daily life doesn’t let me enough time to concentrate on that.

I’m more and more determined to keep on blogging, I don’t want this project to fail like many others I’ve started in the past. I think I just have to find the right schedule to became constant. I’m not perfect and so is and will be this blog, anyway I found it lovely to share with you all of our experience in traveling and blogging!
I told you this is not easy for me, especially the english-writing part: I was that bad at school I don’t even know how I found the courage to begin (and now I’m enjoying so much and I don’t want to stop!).

I hope you don’t mind this little chat, a little less about traveling and a little more about knowing me.
Bye for now!

Imp is here to say you hello with a big wag!
She can’t wait to leave, too, and meet up her bigger sister-in-law!